Monday, 9 July 2007

Ice Ice Baby

One unexplained puzzle about the real Stonehenge is how the bluestones managed to get all the way from the mountains of Wales to Salisbury plain. Many scientists think that the stones could only have arrived there naturally, by prehistoric glaciers: the stones were carried by the glacial action as far as Salisbury, at which time the climate warmed, the glaciers melted, and the bluestones were left lying on the ground.

We have tried to re-enact this for the construction of our cardboard Stonehenge. The freezer compartment in our office fridge had a great chunk of ice in it, which we chipped out, and used as a means of transport to carry stone 158, which Soo made on Friday. Here you can see the Legomen watch its progress.

It is now Monday, but the stone has not travelled very far.

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unkle e said...

Sure hope Cardhenge can be completed in a shorter time than Stonehenge, which I vaguely recall was built in 3 or 4 stages over almost 2 millennia. The way global warming is melting glaciers, the Cardhenge monoliths might never make it past the Severn!

Keep up the good work!