Friday, 6 July 2007

We have discovered some leys

Indeed we have. In 1909 astronomer Sir Norman Lockyer claimed to have discovered alignments between Stonehenge and other ancient monuments in the area; he was followed by Alfred Watkins and various successors who asserted the existence of "leys," straight lines crossing the English landscape.

We thought we would check to see whether our unfinished Cardhenge ties in with similar leys. So we wheeled it into the centre of the office, and guess what? - there seem to be dozens! We have marked the main ones on the photo. There appear to be many such lines of force, criss-crossing our office like laser beams in a Mission Impossible film.


unkle e said...

You sound remarkably calm about this potentially disastrous finding!

I base my discussion on a BBC program in the 1970s (I have it on DVD) called Children of the Stones. That program documented alarming results from interfering with monoliths connected to leylines, including becoming a mad squire with white hair and a penchant for messing with people's minds in order to bring aliens from space into a dominant position on earth, and becoming so brainwashed as to stand in a large circle of other brainwashed people inside a stone circle singing an unearthly song of praise to the aliens.

Please report any unusual events, especially unusual behaviour on the part of each other. I will remain vigilant!

Sue (Soo) Martin ... said...

We have not seen Children of the Stones but it certainly looks like we should.

Now you come to mention it, Alan has been trying to shine bright light into my eyes for weeks but fortunately I have been protected by my trilobite amulet. Ha, ha, he never suspected I would be so prepared.

unkle e said...

"Children of the Stones" was set in Avebury (name was changed to protect somebody), and there may be reasons why the Avebury stone circles behave differently to Stonehenge (or Cardhenge), but you can never be too sure.

Kathryn said...

but 'Children of the Cards' just doesn't have the same ring... sounds faintly Vegas-esque, in fact ;)

Alan A said...

Ah Soo has managed to track down a DVD set of Children of the Stones! - we will let you all know if it has any strange effect on us.