Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Today stone 14 has joined its companions. More importantly, however, Britain has been flooded over the past few weeks, and our cardboard Stonehenge is no exception. Here you can see a quick snapshot Soo has taken of the rain pouring down on Cardhenge. The Lego men have had to find refuge next to a mountain of files, where it is dry. Let's hope the site dries out by tomorrow.


unkle e said...

I do hope Cardhenge survives the floods!

But do Cardhenge monoliths float or sink? If the former, then getting them from the Welsh mountains may not be so difficult after all!

Alan A said...

Ah that's a very good research idea!

You will be reassured to learn that Cardhenge is now bone dry. If this was the real Stonehenge, of course, the ground would now be so soggy that sarsens would be falling over all around our ears. Cardboard seems to be a far better building material.