Monday, 6 August 2007

Beautiful summer sunshine

Today Soo and I added stones 43 and 31 which are the two last stones in the packet. So officially we have now finished! It is beautifully sunny here in the UK, so we carried Cardhenge out onto the verdant lawn in front of our offices to take the formal photographs. Here's a shot looking across the lawn.

And here's one looking the other way, back towards where we work:

The outdoors summer daylight casts a nice clear light on the stones, which until now had only been photographed indoors, lit by windows or by Soo's studio photographic lamps.

Here's the final shot, with Cardhenge on the lawn between Soo and myself. Can you guess whose shoes are whose?

So that's the end of the official packet, and it has been fantastic. But Cardboard Stonehenge is not yet over! - we have a bit more still to add....


unkle e said...

I noticed a previously uncharted neolithic artificial mound (akin to Silbury Hill) in one background. Was that one of your earlier efforts?

Lbrian and Lizzie Sanders said...

How lovely Cardhenge looks in the brilliant sunshine, appropriately matching your construction skills.Although we like the indoor lighting.

Brian and Lizzie

Alan A said...

Ah I wish we could claim the hill as ours! It does look like Silbury doesn't it? But the archaeologists here say it's just a Norman motte-and-bailey castle which was refortified during the English Civil War. We just call it "the Mound."