Thursday, 2 August 2007

We'll probably finish it next week!

Inded if it wasn't for work and leave we would probably have finished Cardhenge this week. We only have three of the pack's stones to do (31, 43 and 47) plus our two extra-special additional stones, so unless there's some urgent workload crisis next week, we're on the final run...

Yesterday Soo made stone 62, while I spent the day in Derbyshire looking at some of the real stone circles in the Peak District, including Nine Ladies, Seven Stones Close, Frogatt Edge and Barbrook. These are all on a much more personal and informal scale than Stonehenge - Frogatt Edge was almost hidden under ferns.


unkle e said...

I just love those names - Nine Ladies, Seven Stones Close, Frogatt Edge and Barbrook!

At one stage I used to think my job, which required me to go out and look at rivers, was about as good as you could be paid to do, but being paid to go out and look at Seven Stones Close tops that! : )

I'd love to hear you both share a little about your work.

Alan A said...

Ah I may not have written clearly enough! - although we do have lots of genuine heritage work projects to do, my trip to Derbyshire yesterday was on my own time. This week has seen the first really sunny weather here in the UK since April so I arranged a day off and drove up to the Peak District to see some of the circles I had not visited before.

Soo and I work in the archives and local studies service of a fairly big local government organisation, Soo does all the actual photography while I manage the digi work and run the service's database, I don't really want to give out our employer's name though. There's an archaeological unit based here too and when we're done we're hoping to get their comments on Cardhenge!