Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Sunrise over the Heel Stone and Slaughter Stone

Hello! We have now made the Heel Stone and Slaughter Stone, and have positioned them at the correct scale distance from the centre circle. (This meant printing out lots and lots of extra grass and sticking it to the back of an old exhibition display board.) The completed Cardhenge is now almost as impressive as the real shebang.

What has proven to be well tricky is photographing a fake sunrise over the stones... This is the best shot, and even so it's not as good as we had hoped. It has proven impossible with our kit to get the main stones, the Heel Stone and the "sun" all in focus. Ah well.

More to follow!


Ben Walker said...

Wow! That's one complicated set of goal posts you've got at the end of the pitch!

Oh, and congratulations on the completion.

unkle e said...

Yes, congratulations on completion. But what next? It can't end now ..... can it?

It is good that you couldn't get the correct sunrise over the heel and slaughter stones, or then you would have ben impelled to make a human sacrifice, in the best lurid traditions, and you would both have been pressing for yourself to be the honoured one .... wouldn't you!? And we'd hate to lose either of you at this time.

Best wishes.

Soo Martin ... said...

Yes, maybe Neolithic man enjoyed a game more hair-raising and complex than Quidditch on this very site; and perhaps the game ended with a human sacrifice. I think this could be an apt ending for the completion of Cardhenge but the lego men seem to be nowhere in sight. Perhaps they have surmised our intent.