Thursday, 21 June 2007

The dawn of a new day

Sunrise this morning, Thursday 21 June 2007, shone clear and bright across our cardboard Stonehenge, witnessed only by our Lego watchmen. From tomorrow the summer sunrise will start to track slowly back across the eastern horizon, rising further and further towards the south, passing due east in September - the equinox - until it reaches due south east in December, at which point the apparent motion of the sun will reverse and the location of the dawnlight will dance back northwards. And so the celestial cycle carries ever on.

In our modern business world of linear time, we have deadlines and schedules and completion dates. But neolithic communities lived in a world of cyclic time; what goes around, comes around. We have not been able to finish Cardhenge for this particular summer solstice, but what does it matter? The heavens turn, and another celestial event will come.

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