Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Eastern Front

Yes! - stone 30 has now been slotted into place, which pretty much completes the whole of the eastern side, as far as the uprights go. (We still need to put most of the lintels on top.)

It's between stone 30 and its neighbour, stone 101, that you get to see the midsummer sunrise on June 21, so stone 30 is one that appears on lots of photos. Our Lego men cannot wait for the real sunrise to take place - certainly they will be the only people in the office at dawn on June 21 - I suspect sunrise is a wee bit too early for Soo and me to make an appearance at work. We will set the cardboard model up in the correct orientation on the afternoon of June 20, and place the Lego men in the best viewing positions.


Rich Kidd said...

I expect when you come in the lego druids will gave been carted off by the lego constabulary, and a transit van of lego ravers will have set up on site.

Alan A said...

Ah, a good point! - I may need to think about arming the lego druids. At least they can go down fighting.