Friday, 22 June 2007

Product unavailable shock

Two more stones - 21 and 16 - make the transformation from flat cardboard potentiality to 3D cardboard reality. More importantly, however, English Heritage's Customer Services people have replied to my request to get them to sell this fantastic model in their online shop:

Unfortunately the product is now discontinued, we're glad you are enjoying it so much though and thanks for supporting English Heritage.

Wh-aaaat?? They're NOT selling cardboard Stonehenge anymore?? How rubbish is that!


unkle e said...

Your Cardhenge is truly unique!

Miss Akeroyd said...

Love the site. Can't wait to show it to my colleagues!
Sis x

Rich Kidd said...

There's always the improved 'finished' version:

Alan A said...

But the paperlandmarks one looks rubbish! - just beige cardboard blocks. Whoever has done this one must have spent AGES getting the stones to actually look like weatherbeaten, time-ravaged, weirdly-chaped stones... the more we make this one from Sanders-art the more impressive it gets.