Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The summer solstice draws near

The summer solstice occurs later this week, and the time has come for many of Stonehenge's ancient rituals to be carried out.

One of the most ancient and mysterious traditions is the ceremony in which Wiltshire Constabulary tape off the centre of Stonehenge with the sacred yellow and black chevron tape. Many illegal ravers, hippies and regional TV news crews often visit Stonehenge just to watch the police carry out this ceremony. Here the police have taped off Cardhenge in preparation for Thursday's sunrise.


unkle e said...

When are athropologists going to investigate this ceremony and answer important questions like:

1. How do the various straight lines of tape line up with other astronmical events?

2. What ritual sexual activity occurs at this time, and what is its significance?

3. What are the links between police and druids?

4. Does the tape come from mountains in South Wales, or from even further afield? (One might also ask the source of the cardboard?)

5. Are any sacrificial police buried under any of the card monoliths?

I look forward to further progress. : )

Soo said...
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Soo said...

1. This and other important questions, such do the chevrons align with the earth's axis or the axes of other orbiting spheres and do the colours or yellow and black have mystical qualities, have been hotly debated for many a day.

2. With the Sun being the giver of life, anthropologists suspect fertility rights to be re-enacted fervently during the time of the solstice. But maybe the glorious sight of the stones bathed in fresh rays of sunlight caused such a state of ecstasy that all who witnessed the event just had to get down and dirty.

3. Given that a the druids have only two pieces of copper wire and the policeman has a very flash motorcycle then the obvious conclusion is that they are the maintenance men.

4. Some believe the tape to be the product of the industry of giant Welsh bumble bees. The sourcing of cardboard is a very difficult issue as national recycling campaigns could have played a part.

5. Many anthropologists postulate that the policemen's helmets are a protective shield and therefore the defenders or law and order could never be sacrificial victims. Some left field individuals believe the helmet to have a ceremonial significance; the burying of the helmet in the earth is a Freudian image that holds sway.

unkle e said...

I can see that you are a true professional, and have thought of everything! : )