Friday, 8 June 2007

The Mycenaean axes ARE there!

Yes they are! Today Soo has made stone 34, which is a dinky wee little thing, and I've made stone 53, which was the first stone discovered to have carvings of axe designs, way back in 1953 by RJC Atkinson, when late afternoon summer sunshine shone obliquely across the face of stone 53, throwing the images into clear relief. And a close examination of the cardboard version under bleak office lighting reveals the same thing! Here I have circled the area containing the tiny axe designs:

The discovery of these axes forms a major new contribution to the field of Cardhenge studies, as it unequivocally dates the formation of the cardboard to the Mediterranean Bronze Age.


unkle e said...

I feel really ripped off! On my only visit to the UK, 7 years ago, I got to visit that dinky stone Stonehenge, but no-one ever told me the real cardboard thing would soon be around. Looks like I may have to come across again.

Love your work!

Alan A said...

Thank you!

The cardboard version only seems to be available at Stonehenge's shop. Certainly it's not on English Heritage's online version of the shop, nor at Amazon, nor even at the website of the people who made it... so it looks like you'll have to make another visit to the stone Stonehenge, after all